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Andrew Thriepland

Senior Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Andrew was in the Royal Artillery for 6 years before he graduated from the University of Nottingham with an LLB (Hons). His primary areas of expertise consist of: regulation of foreign investment, law of trusts, and international trade law. He now puts this considerable previous experience to robust use as a mortgage and protection consultant at Capricorn Financial. A dedicated and astute individual, Andrew prides himself on prioritising client consideration and delivering exceptional service every time.

Recent news and views from Andrew

Buy-to-Let and Mansion Tax – A Wrongly Timed Endeavour

Although both were brought in for different reasons, additional property stamp duty to dissuade buy to let investors from purchasing and allowing more properties to come to the market for first time buyers, and mansion tax to penalise the ‘perceived’ wealthy who own properties in excess of £1m (Labour did... read more

Holding onto a Good Investment

Let to Buy – Onward purchase In the last year there has been a significant increase in the amount of people looking to invest in the London property market. This has also led to people who would otherwise have sold their property with the intention of upsizing, wanting to hold... read more

Changes to Taxation on Buy to Lets

In the summer budget we saw the Chancellor of the Exchequer make dramatic changes to the tax relief available to buy to let landlords. The advice previously given to landlords was to leverage against your existing investment properties to purchase further properties increasing your investment. However with the new changes,... read more
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