Ashanta Charm

Mortgage Administrator

Ashanta is an ambitious new addition to the Capricorn family; coming from a background in finance she has the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver a truly client focused approach to mortgages. Having previously worked for the Barclays Group she has a proven track record in matching financial products with the needs of her clients. All of this has provided her with the necessary skills to deliver first class customer service informed by her understanding of financial processes and procedures. Ashanta has recently been through the process of purchasing her own home, this has enabled her to appreciate the client experience and tailor her approach to the mortgage process to the specific needs of her clients. She understands that mortgages can be stressful; her first-hand experience enables her to always put herself in the shoes of her clients, ensuring they are regularly kept informed throughout the mortgage process. In her spare time, she likes to food blog, spend time with her family and pursue her 5-year plan.

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