James Muncaster

Senior Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Having joined Capricorn in 2008, James is putting his 12+ years industry experience to good use. In his role as Operations Manager, he covers all of the technical aspects of the business and oversees the regulatory framework, which allows all Capricorn advisers to offer great service to their clients. James also, uses the extensive technical knowledge he has built, dealing with the finer points of mortgage lending, to ensure his own clients receive the best possible advice and service. James’ experience of different lending structures has meant he is now one of the key advisers in Capricorn’s Large Loan Team, helping clients with “non-standard” circumstances to find the right funding. Outside of work, James is a keen sports fan and likes to cook to help him unwind.

james muncaster

Recent news and views from James

The Post Brexit Advice Process

Following the surprise decision by the UK to leave the EU, it will be interesting to see how the UK mortgage market reacts, in particular will it follow the European framework and guidance for advice? With the EU Mortgage Credit Directive barely out of the wrapping, what will stay and... read more

The European Mortgage Credit Directive

The Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) is a European wide framework for rules of conduct within mortgage firms/lenders. This comes into effect from the 21st March 2016. The MCD applies to both First Charge and Second Charge lending, so in effect any secured lending will come under the MCD rules. There... read more

How does Loan to Income affect advice

A recent addition to the lexicon of the Mortgage Adviser is the saying “Loan to Income”. Since the introduction of Mortgage Market Review (MMR), there has been an increasing number of Lenders that now have this policy in place. Essentially, Loan to Income means that the lender will cap the... read more

Is Your Broker Looking After You

With regulations changing and lender criteria being updated as a result, it is more important to find a broker that is able to look after you and make sure that the process of getting a mortgage is as “pain free” as possible. Buying your first property or moving home is... read more

The Mortgage Market Review

The Mortgage Market review came into effect on the 26th April 2014, heralding the largest change to the mortgage market in over 10 years. The main changes were a requirement for ‘advice’ at every step in the process and for every person involved in the advice process (i.e. broker and... read more

The Role of The Mortgage Adviser Post Mortgage Market Review (MMR)

In a post Mortgage Market Review (MMR) world, the compliance requirements that mortgage advisers have to undertake is evolving on a weekly basis. When meeting with their clients there are two key words advisers must bear in mind: Feasible and Affordable. Feasible - Is what the client is proposing to... read more
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