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Ross Murphy

Senior Mortgage & Protection Adviser

After graduating Manchester University (studying Economics) Ross joined Capricorn as a Mortgage and Protection Adviser. He has been with the company since early 2009 and is one of the Senior Advisers within the business. In 2014 Ross won the Top Adviser Award for Openwork and was responsible for arranging £80m+ worth of completed loans in this period. His areas of specialisation include Residential and Buy-to-Let mortgages and he takes huge pride in getting complicated transactions agreed in record time. In his spare time he enjoys travelling to new and exciting destinations and watching Manchester United.

Recent news and views from Ross

The Impact of Brexit on London House Sales

Opportunistic buyers have been using the results of the EU Referendum and the resulting political & economic uncertainty as a tool to renegotiate price on ongoing transactions. At this time, it’s important for vendors to remember that, from a finance perspective, there have been no changes whatsoever in the marketplace;... read more

Bank of Mum and Dad

Whilst the majority of banks & building societies were tightening their purse strings coming out of the recession one bank has bucked the trend! Their appetite to lend seems insatiable and in 2016 alone they will be responsible for stumping up a cool £5bn towards house purchases. Remarkably, this £5bn... read more

Mortgages for Contractors/Freelancers

There are an estimated 1.4 million British ‘freelancers’ working across all sectors of the UK economy; this figure includes sole-traders, directors of their own Ltd Company’s & ‘umbrella’ company workers. Predominantly, contractors/freelancers work in the IT & Programming industry (41% of all hires). Traditionally, lenders & underwriters have only considered... read more

BTL @ 75% Loan to Value

Coming out of the financial crisis the buy-to-let mortgage marketplace has been a major success story. The Bank of England recently published data showing buy-to-let lending has increased by 40% since 2008 compared to 2% for residential lending. Thinking of purchasing your first BTL Property? Most lenders will impose ‘minimum... read more

The Power of Overpayments

How can £200 save you years and money.... A mortgage is usually structured over a period of 25 years or until the mortgagee's anticipated age of retirement. If someone borrowed £300k over a 25 year period (assuming 3% interest rate) the total amount of interest paid would equate to £126,790... read more

An Introduction to Buy-To-Let Mortgages

The major difference between buy to let (BTL) and Residential mortgages is how the lending decision is made. Residential lending is based on 'affordability' i.e. does the applicant’s income support the level of borrowing. Provided applicants earn the minimum income, have good credit and are not first time buyers... read more
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