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Capricorn & Evertreen

We have partnered with Evertreen to plants trees, have a positive impact on the environment and alleviate poverty.

For every mortgage that Capricorn complete on, Evertreen will plant a tree – that’s 5000+ annually!

Evertreen’s philosophy is for trees to be planted by those who need it most and where they are most useful from an environmental point of view. Evertreen operate globally through projects in Nepal, Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya, Indonesia, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua and distinguishes itself for financing local farmers around the world.

Farmers are the ones who have the opportunity to care for, reap the fruits and benefit from all the advantages that the trees offer locally.

Check the progress of the Capricorn forest in Kenya by scrolling down in the adjacent window.

Contact us to find out more - or call +44 203 111 0900