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Later Life Lending

Due to increased longevity and the rise in house prices, the demand for later life lending/equity release has increased conspicuously in recent years and this market grew by circa 24.8% in 2021 alone, to a total of (£4.8bn).

At Capricorn, we tailor and provide equity release plans from numerous market leading lenders that are approved by the Equity Release Council. Thus, whether you are buying a new home and in need of a mortgage, have an existing mortgage and cannot re-mortgage owing to low incomes or age restriction yet you want to continue living in your own home, have unencumbered property and want to help your loved one to get on the property ladder or gift a living legacy to your family, require funds for home improvement, or simply need supplementary incomes to maintain your lifestyle, an equity release plan could be a suitable solution for you irrespective of your incomes and employment status.

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